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Black Sand Beach.jpg


Located in Southern California, Resin Reef Custom Art Designs all started with....

"Grandma can we go to the art store and get some supplies to make acrylic paintings? " 


Lots of trial and error, studying other artists and art forms and Resin Reef was born from a passion of ALL things and the beauty of the world around us!


As a kid growing up around the military and living all over the world, seeing oceans from the Mediterranean to Florida, to Hawaii, to the Caribbean - there is nothing more beautiful than the majestic beauty of all things oceanic, earth, sky and space.

Each piece of artwork is hand crafted and one of a kind so there is limited inventory of the actual mediums, but endless possibilities for the digital space..

We welcome custom design ideas, challenges and commissioning new pieces!  Please be mindful of the time it will take to produce your unique piece of art (typically 2-3 weeks until shipping, after all it will be a unique item that no one else will have).

So...Dive Right In and Let's Explore Together!!

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